Taking Rolex Explorer II fake watches with white dials for example, you will understand that Rolex uses 904L steel materials which are only for practicality instead of publicity stunt.

As we all know, Swiss copy Rolex is the only one brand which adapts 904L steel materials, while other brands like Patek Philippe all use 316L steel. No matter for 904L or 316L, They are just the specific model of steel. However, 904L steel belongs to high-tech steel, generally used in petrochemical and aviation fields, because of its super corrosion resistance, it is also used as a container to hold strong corrosive liquid. So when it is applied in watchmaking, it seems to be overqualified.

With stable steel materials, white dials fake watches do not need to worry.

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In fact, whether it is generally that 904L steel or 316L steel content is similar, but the biggest difference between two materials is that the content of chromium metal material. The 904L steel contains a greater amount of chromium that can help the surface of metal materials form anticorrosive protective coating. In one word, the corrosion resistance of 904L steel is stronger that is one of the best advantages of Rolex copy watches with self-winding movements. So Rolex can adapt 904L steel materials.