As a senior fan, what you should know will not limit to choosing watches. Moreover, you should know how to maintain your favorite watches. Please follow us to explore what should not do when using Swiss replica watches.

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  1. You cannot put watches with camphor together which is common to see in our room. The volatilization molecule of camphor is easy to react with the lubricating oil in the watch’s movement, causing the lubricating oil to deteriorate and lose its lubrication, so that the watch can not move normally, which directly affects precision and the service life. When a watch needs to be stored for a long time, it should be dry, clean, and free from direct sunlight.
  2. Watches also cannot be put together in high magnetic environment. Generally speaking, the antimagnetic ability of a mechanical watch can only be achieved within a limited range. And if it exceeds its antimagnetic ability, it will have some effects on components.

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