We make a conclusion on the sales of Rolex watches. Top 1 is Submariner series. Top 2 is Daytona series. Top 3 is Sea-Dweller series. Top 4 is Sky-Dweller series. Top 5 is Datejust series. Today we will introduce you top 5 hot-selling watches-Rolex Datejust fake watches for sale.

We all know, Datejust series has three types including golden and steel 126333, platinum cases 126334 and steel 126300 watches. Among three popular types, 126334 platinum cases Rolex copy watches have greater demand and higher heat. In fact, this watch can be so hotter than other types which has some reasons. The 126333 is higher than 126334. While steel types do not have more attraction than platinum types. At least for me, I will choose platinum types.


Although the supply of Datejust replica watches with self-winding movements is enough, they belong to those watches that you can get. While it still can not stop they are listed in the top 5 hot-selling Rolex watches. So if you can not get the top of sales, Datejust series is another great choice no matter in price or supply.

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