Actually in the history of Rolex, it has put forward a lot of limited timepieces. Some of them even today are not known in the market. So every time the emergency of those rare fake watches with mechanical movements will attract more collectors. It can be predicted that the price must be top. Not only for Rolex, other famous watch brands are also like that.

The luxury Rolex Oyster Perpetual Zerograph Ref.3346 replica watches we bring today were launched in 1940s. As I have known, the watches are only 50 limited in the market, so each of them is quite expensive. So in the auction, it is no doubt the most hot-selling. Also the one is reserved perfectly that is another reason why it is so high.

The Rolex chronograph copy watches with black dials are quite rare in the market, while they are one of favorite collections of those senior fans. Although it was launched 50, only 4 watches appear in the market. So you can imagine how hard to own it. The buyers at that time may not know how expensive it is today. So collection also needs fortune.

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