In the world of movie, watches are absolutely existence that can not be ignored. Even now, the advertising industry has been developed, we still have to admit, when the actors wear a watch that full of style and appeared in the Hollywood blockbusters, that certainly can make you feel amazing and extraordinary. Now, I will take you to ride on the time machine in the movie, exploring each plot and life behind the watches.

The Light Machine Of Rolex Replica Watches

“Dr.No” – 007, 1962

As one of the most familiar watch brand, Rolex replica watches also left the indelible mark in the movie history. The famous 007 series, Rolex fake watches are chosen from the beginning. Although the writer of 007, Ian Fleming, had described that James Bond using the delicate fake Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch as your Secret weapon in the novel On Her Majesty ‘s Secret Service, in 1963, on October 21, 1954, CBS broadcast the fifty minutes long black and white television film Casino Royale, James Bond had worn the ROLEX SUBMARINER which was just launched, not Oyster Pepetual. The TV film Casino Royale can be said as the first appearance for the 007 agents.

The Bourne Legacy 4, 2012

In another spy film that released in 2012, The Bourne Legacy 4, the gold bezel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona replica watches which adopted the gold material had again became one of the details of twists and turns. The same experience of life and death to escapement and penniless agent, Bourne and his girlfriend, grabbed a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch from the hand of the mob, then suddenly the lens turned, the valuable Rolex watch was worn on the wrist of the owners of driving smuggled cargo ship. The elaborate clip picture that cleverly explained that Bourne and his girlfriend has been successfully resolve the crisis.