Some remarkable women have accompanied us on our journey from hesitant beginnings to our present success – womens Rolex replica watches who have shown determination and goodwill, and whose personalities have been decisive in the life of our brand. These women have been there for us at crucial moments. Now is our opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve.

Christina Kreyenbühl, known as « Ninin »

She is our godmother – the first to have such faith in our brand that she bought our initial creation on the basis of a drawing. The money enabled us to develop the UR-102 model in steel, which we presented at Baselworld in 1997 at the stand of the AHCI (Academy of Independent Horological Creators). We owe Ninin that moment of elation in our workshops as we celebrated our first success as young entrepreneurs.

« I’ve known Felix since he was a small boy. He used to come to my pharmacy with his mother, went on an inspection around the shop and always left with a chocolate or two. He was a shy, polite lad, quite small. One day, to thank me for yet another treat, he dug into his pocket and came up with a little metal object. It was smooth, gilt and slightly blackened with age. To my puzzled query he explained: “It’s a part of a great Replica Rolex Masterpiece UK treasure that I have in my room.” I found out later that it was the hand of one of the antique clocks that his father was restoring. That is when I discovered Felix’s interest in horology. »

« I’m proud to have been Rolex’s first customer. They had this obsession with starting up an original watch brand. Felix and Martin had the ideas and the determination. They also had a real desire. All they needed was a little financial help. I bought the first Rolex replica watches uk online on the strength of a sketch that caught my fancy. It was the first capital investment in the brand. » – Christina Kreyenbühl