The most complicated luxury Rolex replica watches ever made is the Henry Graves Jr. Supercomplication by Patek Philippe. Among its many features is a minute repeater that chimes the fifth bar of Handel’s Messiah every hour, a celestial chart detailing Manhattan’s night time sky, a perpetual calendar that self-adjusts for leap years, an indicator for knowing the current moon phase, an alarm clock, and it also tells the time!

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90 years on, the latest Rolex replica smartwatch, which will launch in June at a considerably more modest starting price of around US$800, can tell you when you need more exercise, where you need to be in the next hour, display your text messages and allow you to answer your phone calls, all with a simple flick of the wrist.

The question is, can those who admire the mechanical genius of the Supercomplication appreciate the digital dynamics of the replica Rolex smartwatch? Will smartwatches create a change as far reaching as the 1970s Japanese quartz watch crisis? Or can smartwatch technology seduce cell phone addicts into the realms of traditional mechanical watch collecting?

These are the topics up for debate on Tuesday, June 16, 2015, at 5:30pm Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Avenue at West 53rd Street, New York, NY, when the Rolex Replica Cellini Watch Collectors’ Roundtable reconvenes for their semi-annual meeting.

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The debate will be moderated by Randy Brandoff, Founder and CEO of Eleven James. The panel is composed of watch industry insiders Edward Faber, co-owner of Aaron Faber Gallery and author of American Wristwatches: Five Decades of Style and Design, Gary Girdvainis, editor of WristWatch magazine and AboutTime magazine and Jeffrey Hess, CEO of Ball Watch USA. They will engage luxury industry veteran, Milton Pedraza, CEO and Founder of The Luxury Institute, and technology industry expert, and Jason Alan Snyder, Chief Technology Officer of Momentum Worldwide, in a frank and lively examination on whether smartwatches are set to shake up the Rolex replica Swiss watches industry.

The Roundtable will be followed immediately by a fine Scotch and Irish Whiskey presentation, hosted by Pat Corrigan, the in-house Whiskey, Scotch and Malt expert for Best Beverage. Watch collectors and whiskey aficionados from far and wide are invited to attend these events and encouraged to bring questions for the experts.

The date: June 16 2015
The time: 17:30
The place: Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Avenue at West 53rd Street, New York, NY.