On our Monochrome-Watch blog, we recently wrote about the Rolex sports watches we would like to see at Baselworld 2015. We also showed you how ceramic bezels might look on a Rolex Replica Daytona, and what could be the future editions of the Rolex GMT Master II, with a “Coke” bezel insert or a “Root Beer” design. Now we move on to dress watches. Last year, Rolex introduced a new collection of Cellini watches, and this year there is something special due for the iconic Datejust. Just like we did in 2014, here are our predictions for the dress watches we would like to see Rolex introduce at Baselworld 2015.

Rolex Cellini Annual Calendar and Moon-Phase

The Cellini range had always been sort of an “ugly duckling” within the Rolex collection. We never had any attraction for these rather odd, not-so-very-elegant dress watches that seem to be disconnected from the rest of the watches manufactured by Rolex. This changed last year, when Rolex introduced a truly inspired collection of Cellini watches, with round cases, finely fluted bezels, guilloché dials and interesting complications – a time-only edition, a date edition and a dual-time edition. Nevertheless, the Rolex Cellini collection, for want of a better expression, are simple watches and even if Rolex is not known for creating extremely advanced watches (such as perpetual calendars and tourbillons), the company has a movement that could easily fit a dress watch, with an intelligent annual calendar mechanism, that is already powering the Rolex Sky-Dweller.


So for the Baselworld 2015 collection, we imagined a Rolex Cellini Annual Calendar, using the same twelve windows to indicate the month and the date subdial of the actual Rolex Cellini Date. It would keep the same 39-mm case and the same fluted bezel. What we would like to see, though, is a moon-phase indicator, a quite useless but poetic complication that could complement the elegance of the guilloché dial. We discreetly inserted it into the date subdial at 3 o’clock. To distinguish it from the Sky-Dweller, we removed the second time-zone indicator. This watch would be an interesting offering from Rolex that could please collectors demanding complications. The price of such a watch would be around 27,000 euros.


The comeback of the Jubilee bracelets on the Datejust II

The Rolex Replica Datejust is an icon, certainly the most iconic dress watch from Rolex. This watch was created in 1945, meaning that this year it will celebrate its 70th anniversary – or “jubilee,” as the industry likes to call it. So we’ve simply imagined the comeback of the iconic Jubilee bracelets on the large Datejust II, which has a 41-mm case.


Using the exact same specifications, dials and bezels, we’re just adding a choice between the modern (and maybe too sporty) Oyster bracelet and the vintage-inspired but full-of-charm Jubilee bracelets. It means that you’d be able to fit such a bracelet on the stainless-steel edition (with the flat polished bezel), on the two-tone version (with its fluted bezel in yellow gold) or on the white-gold version (with blue Roman numerals and also a fluted bezel). This would bring a timeless elegance to the Rolex Datejust II that the Oyster bracelet cannot offer. Furthermore, Rolex now knows how to craft good bracelets and stretching won’t be an issue anymore – not like on the old Jubilee bracelets.


Don’t forget that these are only our predictions for the Rolex 2015 introductions. Replica Rolex GMT Master II could (and certainly will) come to Baselworld with other watches that no one could have imagined. However, tell us what you think about these ideas. You, as our readers and watch enthusiasts, certainly have an opinion that we would like to hear. Feel free to give us your thoughts by using the comment box below.